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    Group of Companies

    Abna Al Amir Contracting L.L.C
    Al Ruwad Aluminum Industries L.L.C
    Hassan Alamir Real Estate LLC
    Hassan Alamir Soil Analysis LLC
    Jewels Interior Design L.L.C

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Hassan Al Amir Group Companys

Hassan Al Amir Group of companies is a Dubai (United Arab Emirates) based professionally managed and divided into groups. Established in 1992. Today, the company encompasses an array of construction and residential complexes as well as a team of more than 500 laborers and more than 50 highly qualified staff.

Hassan Al Amir group aims to establish a close working relation with all their associates and maintains a strong reputation for providing cost effective Construction, Real estate, Trading, Soil testing analysis, Aluminum works and Interior design.

We provide 100% reliability of constructions to clients and provides secure, stable and a conducive working environment to all employees. Empowered employees work closely with clients, subcontractors and suppliers to ensure project is successfully executed.

Group of companies

Hassan Alamir Real Estate LLC

Abna Alamir Contracting LLC

Jewels Interior Design LLC 

Hassan Alamir Soil Analysis

Al Ruwad Aluminium & Wood Industries LLC